It’s baaaack!

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In late June 2013, the website appeared on the internet, hosted by InMotion Hosting. This website encouraged people to, you guessed it, muggle (steal) Geocaches! Within a week of it going online, it voluntarily went dark, as reported by the then popular, but now dormant Geocaching Blog It’s Not About The Numbers. You’ll notice in that blog post, that the crack Brother/Sister team from INATN was easily able to identify the owner of via WHOIS information for another website he owned, Off the Grid Caching. OTGC was a failed attempt at creating an “extreme caches” listing service, which listed maybe 15 caches, all in Florida and Georgia. The screen shot of his face posted by INATN, from personal recollection by the OCNA blogger, was taken from a promotional video for Off The Grid Caching. We are confident this is the same guy; the website is still hosted by InMotion, has the same [MDN] logo in brackets that the old site had, touts itself as being founded in 2012, and being back. This is all despite the owner of contacting the INATN blog 3 days after their initial post, and sincerely apologizing for the mistake of creating

The “new” claims to have been launched on August 16th, 2016. On August 24th, 2016, a Facebook Page “Take Action To Stop” appeared. This Facebook page suggests that is in violation of the terms of service of 1) Pay Pal (they offer $30 lifetime memberships), 2) (Their domain name Registration company) and 3) InMotion Web Hosting. We agree on all three counts. We have no idea why this guy has apparently reneged on his sincere apology for creating the site in June 2013, but he is most definitely back.

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SCOTTeVEST giveaway winner announced!

clipart-winnerWe held the drawing (expertly done by DudleyGrunt here) for the winner of a Featherweight vest by SCOTTeVEST on Monday, August 15th, shortly after 8:00 PM Eastern time, and sent the email informing the winner they had 48 hours to claim the prize at exactly 9:00 PM. In less than 2 hours, we heard back from the lucky winner, who is Jesenia, a member of the caching team minions J&D, from Naguabo, Puerto Rico. And lucky she was, she was the 2nd to last person to enter, on the very last day of the entry period! Congratulations to her. It turns out that single every entrant in the contest is a winner too, though. SCOTTeVEST has decided to reward everyone with a 20% off coupon code! We had said in the rules section of the contest that we would never share your email address, so we will go ahead and send out this coupon code ourselves. Look for an email to the address you used for the contest from opencachingnorthamerica at The subject will be SCOTTeVEST 20% off coupon code. We thank all the participants and readers (there were over 4 times as many readers as people who entered the drawing during the entry period), and once again offer our congratulations to Jesenia, whom we have a funny feeling we’ll be hearing from in the future . We are also eternally grateful to SCOTTeVEST for allowing us to be a part of this promotion!

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Guest post: The 2016 Reddit Geo-Secret Santa

Today we have a guest post by Reddit user /u/minerleaguegamer, who is starting an early blitz to promote the 2016 Reddit Geo-Secret Santa on Geocaching related blogs, vlogs, and social media. We encourage you to participate!

Hello readers!

Do you love sending and receiving presents? Are you an avid geocacher? Do you want to be part of a WORLDWIDE geocaching gift exchange? Than the Reddit Geo-Secret Santa wants you!

Last year, the first annual Geo-Secret Santa ran on Reddit with gift senders from all over the US. Check out some of the gifts exchanged: (Click any photo to enlarge in a lightbox window, hit the back button on your browser to return to the post).

This year we plan to make it bigger and more widespread, and want you to be part of the joy of giving!

What is Reddit? Reddit is a social website where users from different communities create groups, called “subreddits.” Subreddits can range from sharing cute pictures of animals to more specific hobbies, like geocaching. Users can subscribe to different subreddits to customize their front page. On each subreddit, users can post a variety of content, including links, pictures, or text posts, and they are rated up or down by other users. The /r/geocaching subreddit has been a community for over seven years.

How can you join this year’s festivities?

  1. Create a reddit account (
  2. Find and subscribe to the /r/geocaching subreddit. (
  3. Join the mailing list (here on Google Forms) to be reminded when the time has come to sign up.
  4. In addition, help spread the word by placing these cards in caches! This is especially important if you live outside the US and don’t want to pay extra shipping costs. (Here on Google Drive).
  5. Signups start on Nov. 19, when a thread will be up with more information. Signups end and gifters are matched on Dec. 4. The shipping deadline is Dec. 18.

Questions? Contact me at [email protected]

Thanks, and see you soon!

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Win a SCOTTeVEST Featherweight Vest to hold all your gear!

product-threeFor all you cachers out there who carry a lot of gear with them during every adventure, we have just the giveaway for you. Introducing SCOTTeVEST, a clothing line for men and women with specially engineered pockets that keep all your gear secure and close to you, leaving you free to focus on finding that next cache, not where your stuff is (or isn’t!).

SCOTTeVEST clothing can hold all the gadgets and daily essentials cachers normally would fumble through a purse, backpack, or fanny pack to find, and have embroidered pocket icons to help organize maps, smartphones, flashlight, GPS, books, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, water and more.

Every garment includes a patented Personal Area Network (PAN), which is a network of hidden conduits to connect wires to devices while they are in your pockets, including power banks, charging cables or headphones. This feature is key when out away from an outlet – relying on electronics. Never again will your GPS or smartphone die on you before you reach your destination and you won’t get tangled up with wires, external batteries, and electronics all stuffed into one pocket.

All garments feature staggered interior/exterior pockets so contents don’t overlap (or make users look like the Michelin Man); as well as a Weight Management System (chiropractor tested!) to ensure maximum carrying capacity and maximum comfort.

For this contest, we are giving away a Featherweight Vest for either men or women, depending on the winner. This vest packs 14 pockets including some for smartphones, batteries, tablets and much much more. Plus, it is made of super lightweight fabric that will keep you cool during summer trips. More information on how to enter below, with rules, of course:

Rules: To enter, provide your name and email address in the form below. One entry per person, and one entry per email address. (We will never share your email address, and the Google Doc storing the entries will be deleted after the contest). Contest is only open to residents of the United States and Canada. The contest begins upon publication of this blog post on Monday, August 8th, 2016, and ends at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, August 15th, 2016. The winner will be chosen at random from the entries received, shortly after the end time of the contest, using the services of the website Winner will be notified via email, notification being sent from the email address opencachingnorthamerica at (be sure to check your spam folders!), and must respond within 48 hours, or the prize will be forfeited, and another winner will be chosen. Once the prize is accepted, you must provide a valid mailing address, and the prize will be sent out via the U.S. Postal Service  from SCOTTeVEST.


 Contest over, entry form removed!


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News reports “remember” Geocaching while reporting on Pokémon Go

Screenshot_2016-07-13-19-57-28Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 days, as of the date of this post, you may have heard of a new app for Android and ios named Pokémon Go. Originally released in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand on July 6th, it became available in Germany on July 13th, and is being rolled out in other European Countries as we speak. You may have seen people doing it. Personally, the OCNA blogger, Mr.Yuck, has observed about 40 people playing in those 10 days, most of them in groups, and most of them in their late teens. That doesn’t mean that he, self described as “well over 40” hasn’t tried it too. As a matter of fact, the screen shot you see here (click to enlarge) is his character standing in his house, looking at a Gym and three Pokéstops in a nearby County Park. Expect a review of the game from the perspective of a long time, old school Geocacher who still plugs a handheld GPS into a computer, in the near future. That won’t happen until he reaches level 5 though, which you must do to participate in all aspects of the game. But for now, we thought it was rather interesting how some early news articles “remember” Geocaching, and compare it to the craze over this new Augmented Reality game. One article even suggests going Geocaching instead of playing Pokémon Go. Four articles are outlined below:

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The Geocaching Doc at GW 14er in Colorado

Award winning Geocaching Vlogger Justin, The Geocaching Doc, will be attending GeoWoodstock 14er in Denver, Colorado this long holiday weekend. And you can meet him! He will be having a meet and greet (along with his entire family) at 2:00 PM on the day of the event (Sunday, July 3rd), at the Cache-Advance booth. There, you can buy one of his new Geocoins ($20), which he sold/is selling as a fund raiser for the family trip to Colorado. He will also be holding a drawing for great prizes while there (including some Geocoins we imagine), so be sure to stop by and see him, and Lisa from Cache-Advance, while you’re at it. The video above will perpetually update to his latest, and he plans on making and uploading several from GW.

And as an added bonus, The Geocaching Doc is back!

Back on this blog, that is. And we’ll bet he didn’t even know he was MIA. 🙂 When we interviewed The Doc in 2013, he agreed to provide guest content for us. We totally stole this idea from the once popular Geocaching Blog Its Not About The Numbers, which posted the content of Joshua, The Geocaching Vlogger. But then, about a year ago, our so called WordPress sidebar widget that displayed his videos broke. Then for several more months, our entire WordPress installation itself was acting up. That is now fixed, and we went out and found a different sidebar widget that works with the latest version of WordPress, and you can see his latest video is once again displayed on our sidebar. Be sure to visit his YouTube Channel and subscribe. He recently passed the 5,000 subscriber milestone; a major accomplishment for which we offer our congratulations.

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