Geocaching (NOT) taking a beating in from Government Officials in North Carolina (part 3 of 3) guest commentary by DeBaere

Courtesy of Julian March/Star News Media

Above is Lodge Road on The Holly Shelter Game Land, about 15 miles NNE of Wilmington, North Carolina. There are about 600 listed caches on The HSGL, The Bling Shelter Power Run (link to first cache in the series), which is generally considered a roadside power trail (over half of them on the road above). Game Lands are used primarily for hunting of course, and are administered by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commision.On April 19th, an article came out in the Jacksonville Daily News alleging that “Geocaching draws the scrutiny of state officials” for caching on that State gamelands, as found here on the web. Not really a bad article, and a founding member and current board member of the North Carolina Geocaching Organization was interviewed. But one cannot deny the negative connotations of the attention grabbing headline! Geocaching is under scrutiny? Why? Who told the reporter that? We noticed commentary on this article by well known North Carolina based Geocacher DeBaere (Dave DeBaeremaeker) on Google+, and asked if he would let us post it here as “guest commentary”, to which he graciously agreed. Read the article first of course, and then his excellent opinion piece below.
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Geocaching taking a beating from Government Officials and the media as of late! (Part 2 of 3)

Here we see the Badlands of Central Oregon. They don’t look so bad, do they? But they are now bad for Geocaching! They are on Bureau of Land Management (hereafter referred to as BLM) land, and more specifically, a designated wilderness area within BLM land. The local district manager is asking that 47 Geocaches be permanently removed, and another 37 closed seasonally (a total of 84 caches), in areas on BLM land deemed inappropriate for Geocaching. The caches are being removed from the Badlands, Spring Basin and Lower White River designated wilderness areas, as well as land on nearby Horse Ridge and other lands deemed inappropriate for caching. Along with designated wilderness areas, these BLM lands have titles such as “research natural areas” and “areas of critical environmental concern.” This story received widespread coverage in the media, one of the most covered Geocaching related news stories we’ve ever seen. Why is that? Read on!

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Sporadically Featured OCNA Cache: The Infiltrator

Our latest Sporadically featured OCNA Cache is a Moving Cache, The Infiltrator, owned by OCNA username Termite Hunter from the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Whom, by the way, is the first person ever to have two of their caches sporadically featured on this blog! As of the date of this Blog post, this is also the most found cache on our website, although it hasn’t always been, and may not always be. We accept moving caches on our website, and always have during our 3 1/2 year existence. So too do all our fellow alternative Geocaching websites. Best we can tell, stopped accepting them in mid-2003, although there are exceptions, and later ones that “slipped through the cracks”. In this post, we will talk about how Moving Caches work, the history of Moving Caches, and of course we will have some commentary from Termite Hunter on this Moving Cache. We will also tell the amazing story of The Infiltrator being “muggled”, and later returned to it’s hiding spot by that same Muggle, as the OCNA blogger was personally involved in that situation!

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The HikerJamz Geocaching Talk Show: February 8th, 2014

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 OCNA Blog Note: This show, episode 047, features a pre recorded monologue by Eric Barr, creator and developer of Monster Cache, a new Geolocation smartphone game for Android and ios.

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