It’s baaaack!

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In late June 2013, the website appeared on the internet, hosted by InMotion Hosting. This website encouraged people to, you guessed it, muggle (steal) Geocaches! Within a week of it going online, it voluntarily went dark, as reported by the then popular, but now dormant Geocaching Blog It’s Not About The Numbers. You’ll notice in that blog post, that the crack Brother/Sister team from INATN was easily able to identify the owner of via WHOIS information for another website he owned, Off the Grid Caching. OTGC was a failed attempt at creating an “extreme caches” listing service, which listed maybe 15 caches, all in Florida and Georgia. The screen shot of his face posted by INATN, from personal recollection by the OCNA blogger, was taken from a promotional video for Off The Grid Caching. We are confident this is the same guy; the website is still hosted by InMotion, has the same [MDN] logo in brackets that the old site had, touts itself as being founded in 2012, and being back. This is all despite the owner of contacting the INATN blog 3 days after their initial post, and sincerely apologizing for the mistake of creating

The “new” claims to have been launched on August 16th, 2016. On August 24th, 2016, a Facebook Page “Take Action To Stop” appeared. This Facebook page suggests that is in violation of the terms of service of 1) Pay Pal (they offer $30 lifetime memberships), 2) (Their domain name Registration company) and 3) InMotion Web Hosting. We agree on all three counts. We have no idea why this guy has apparently reneged on his sincere apology for creating the site in June 2013, but he is most definitely back.

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