Final Scores released for the OCNA 5th anniversary contest

letteredocnalogoWe have finished compiling the scores for the OCNA 5th anniversary contest! We had a total of 21 qualifying players, about the same as last year. Remember, players received 1 entry for every 25 points scored in the contest. So those 21 eligible players earned a total of 128 entries. Our top entrant, Bon Echo from Ontario, earned 29 entries. Our next step is to assign those entries numbers 1-128 using the random number generator services offered by Those results will be released tomorrow, along with details on the drawing to be Tuesday, September 15th.  Should anyone dispute their scores as listed below, you have until 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, September 14th to do so by contacting us at octeam at But we don’t anticipate hearing from anyone, every single player ended up with as many or more points as they claimed on the entry form. Major bonus for every player (including helping out several people who filled out a form, but didn’t technically qualify), our admin NativTXN scored 0 points for the contest. So if you found even one cache, you “beat her”, and get 25 points. Click “read more” to see the scores.

Player Number of points Number of entries
Bon Echo 725 29
sfcchaz 635 25
Goin'PostNet 305 12
ithink314 275 11
queensgrantmusic 250 10
Astronut42 200 8
kingbee 135 5
rvstauff 125 5
Atmospherium 110 4
TermiteHunter 105 4
Danatisy 90 3
TeamStieney 55 2
Borst68 50 2
tripman1 45 1
Memfis Mafia 40 1
Antihiro 35 1
sundrops260 35 1
TeamErnzer 30 1
simrebel 30 1
Anteaus 25 1
dsvmusic 25 1

Note: OCNA Admin DudleyGrunt hid 4 caches, and the OCNA blogger (and Admin) Mr.Yuck found 9 caches, much less than he expected. So 25 points for anyone who beat them.

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