5th anniversary contest player entries drawn


We have assigned the 128 entries (earned by 21 qualifying players) for the OCNA 5th anniversary contest! As we have on numerous occasions, assignment of the entries was done using the Random Integer Set Generator from Random.org. We requested 1 set of 128 unique integers whose value was 1-128. We have a screen shot of our actual number set at the bottom of this blog post, should you like to see it. The first 29 random numbers were assigned to our entrant with the most points, the second 25 random numbers to the entrant with the second most points, and so on. Below are all the entrants, their number of entries, and the random number(s) assigned to their X number of entries, in table form:

Player Number of entries Number(s) assigned to entries
Bon Echo 29 37,4,22,86,11,116,41,57,81,45,100,51,53,15,48,68,118,95,10,105,2,87,79,117,119,50,96,114,125
sfcchaz 25 102,1,103,83,121,8,35,98,40,77,30,84,36,27,58,54,3,43,80,7,92,120,9,70,127
Goin'PostNet 12 122,101,74,126,33,13,20,44,19,39,31,112
ithink314 11 111,106,56,99,62,66,49,29,109,46,76
queensgrantmusic 10 18,59,78,65,97,32,21,115,94,55
Astronut42 8 52,61,71,47,6,124,32,89
kingbee 5 12,72,90,14,67
rvstauff 5 64,25,24,85,26
Atmospherium 4 128,5,17,104
TermiteHunter 4 123,88,93,60
Danatisy 3 82,28,63
TeamStieney 2 34,69
Borst68 2 16,91
tripman1 1 42
Memfis Mafia 1 73
Antihiro 1 75
sundrops260 1 110
TeamErnzer 1 113
simrebel 1 108
Anteaus 1 107
dsvmusic 1 23

The Drawing:

We had tentatively scheduled the drawing for prizes for Sunday, September 13th. We pushed that back a little, The drawing for the 28 prizes is now scheduled for Tuesday, September 15th at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Those 28 prizes will be awarded to the entrants in order of monetary value via a random number draw from random.org. Remember, you can win more than one prize, and there are more prizes than there are qualified entrants, you have a very good chance! Watch this blog and our Social Media outlets starting shortly after the drawing on Tuesday, we will definitely keep you informed. We do allow players to trade the prizes amongst themselves! It didn’t happen last year, but someone could win 2 of the same prize. A screen shot of the Random Integer number set chosen for our drawing(s) is below; click to enlarge.



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