OCNA 5th Anniversary Contest winners announced!

annwinnersThe winners were drawn for our 5th Anniversary Contest on Tuesday, September 15th at 9:00 PM EST, and we have completed the process of of tabulating them here on our blog. As everyone who has been following along knows, the 28 prizes were to be awarded in order of monetary value. We once again used the services of Random.org, and requested a set of 128 unique random integers, awarding prizes to the first 28 numbers drawn. You can see a screen shot of the numbers drawn at the bottom of this post, if you’re interested.  Congratulations to all our winners, many players won multiple prizes.  One of our players suggested the ability to trade prizes with other players during our Diversified Cacher Contest last year, and we thought it was a great idea. Trading would probably occur if these prizes were given away at a Geocaching event. There will be a copy and paste disclaimer at the bottom of every winner’s email saying that they should mention if they’re interested in trading in their reply, and we’ll do our best to “hook you up” with other interested parties. Without further adieu, here are the winners:

Prize Winning Number Winning Player
How To Puzzle Cache Book 46 ithink314
How To Puzzle Cache Book 53 queensgrantmusic
Cache-Advance Cache Crate 771 sfcchaz
Podcacher Coin Set 74 Goin'PostNet
Podcacher Coin Set 37 Bon Echo
GoCache Card Game 73 Memfis Mafia
OCNA Water Bottle 83 sfcchaz
$12 GeoFleaz(formerly Travelfleas) gift certificate 127 sfcchaz
OCNA Wall Clock W/Hank The Hawk 6 Astronut42
OCNA Wall Clock W/Logo 95 BonEcho
Plastic .30 cal ammo box 38 Danatisy
Washington County Md. Pathtag set 41 Bon Echo
Set of 5 OCNA Pathtags 50 Bon Echo
Set of 3 OCNA Pathtags 69 TeamStieney
$5 gift certificate to Drives Cache Closet 18 queensgrantmusic
$5 gift certificate to Drives Cache Closet 123 TermiteHunter
1 OCNA Pathtag 119 Bon Echo
1 OCNA Pathtag 67 kingbee
1 OCNA Pathtag 31 Goin'PostNet
1 OCNA Pathtag 2 Bon Echo
1 OCNA Pathtag 79 Bon Echo
1 DudleyGrunt Pathtag 47 Astronut42
1 DudleyGrunt Pathtag 110 sundrops260
1 DudleyGrunt Pathtag 82 Danatisy
1 DudleyGrunt Pathtag 115 queensgrantmusic
1 DudleyGrunt Pathtag 71 Astronut42
1 retired 1st edition OCNA Pathtag 16 Bon Echo
1 retired 1st edition OCNA Pathtag 101 Goin'PostNet


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