OCNA Free Pathtag back is live!

We have finally completed the process of getting a free Pathtag back for OCNA up and live on the Pathtags.com website! If you have an account there, and are logged in, you can view it as the first choice (scroll down please) at http://pathtags.com/design. In case you didn’t know, Pathtags have four possible back materials, known in Pathtag terms as “plating”.  Only Black Nickel is displayed on that page. The others are Shiny Silver, Shiny Gold, and Shiny Copper. Shiny Silver is their standard color, and is available for no additional fee. The black nickel tag back, as displayed on the Pathtags website, is the classic “light blue” as seen on our website. We choose a totally different, much darker blue for the other plating options available, as can be seen in our final blueprint below. We thank Mike from Pathtags.com for putting up with us while we hammered this whole free pathtag back thing out, and we hope our readers will consider using it for their own personal pathtags!


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