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10959455_441553929326890_9203204107456042953_nUnfortunately, not the greatest of news. HikerJamz and CrazyCritter1966 have decided to discontinue their Geocaching Podcast in favor of their Nature Talk Podcast. James told us, “There are a few obstacles that we can’t overcome and our final decision has been to discontinue the show of geocaching. For one we have to travel so far now to find the caches now, two, it’s rattlesnake season and three, we don’t get any feed back from anyone. We put out a lot of effort to find cachers to contact us with just some short adventure stories and nothing comes back to us. Tina and I have done 23 episodes (5 months) worth of podcast’s and we feel that nobody wants to participate”.

Additionally, James went on to tell us that listenership numbers were not what they were hoping for. Fortunately, however, the numbers for Nature Talk were almost up to the levels of the Geocaching podcast after only 3 episodes! We and James have mutually agreed that the Nature Talk Podcast isn’t about Geocaching, and we will not be posting it to this blog. We wish James and CrazyCritter all the best with the Nature Talk Podcast. Be sure to check it out, Episode 4 will be released on April 29th, 2015, the day after this blog post. You can check out all the Nature Talk shows on Spreaker at Aftercache.com, as well as iTunes, soundcloud, blogspot, tumblr, and stitcher.

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