Introducing OCNA Challenge Caches!!


One week to the day after the most popular Geocaching website in the world imposed a one year moratoriam on new challenge caches, we at OpenCaching North America our introducing our own! As the banner says, they are Locationless, so to speak. If you qualify, you can log it. They are owned by a special Admin account, OCNAChallenges, and are all Unknown (?) type caches. They are presented as Geo Art in the Gulf of Mexico. We plan on having 40+, but we are just releasing the first 12 today, Tuesday, April 28th, 2015.

Before anyone asks, no, we did not just  come up with this idea in the last 7 days and rush it out! Locationless type challenge caches were first proposed in our forums (in a sub forum only Admins can view) way back in August, 2014. Things can move a little slow at a free, all volunteer run website. 🙂

Today we release a Letter O in The Gulf of Mexico. Will we spell OCNA? OCNA with our logo? Will we spell OPENCACHING? Stay tuned! The 12 caches are listed below. Alternatively, the first 10 of them currently show up as the 10 newest newest caches on the main page of our site, but that could change at any time. You could just look at the profile of username OCNAChallenges. If you have an account with us, and are logged in, you can go to our Map of Caches, and scroll down to the Gulf of Mexico, you can’t miss the “O”. However, you cannot see this map if you are not a registered user.


2 thoughts to “Introducing OCNA Challenge Caches!!”

  1. Smart move.

    It’s an incentive to hide a few more caches so people have something to find in Ontario. I’ve already got 2 planted. The wheels in my brain are already contemplating a couple more swag size caches to add to the area.

  2. I like challenges being locationless, that makes a lot of sense. The whole point of a challenge is to meet the requirements of the challenge. Once you do that, you complete the challenge. The whole point of a physical cache is to sign the logbook. Once you do that, you should be able to claim a find without the cache owner imposing ALRs on you.

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