Whatever happened to?


We currently have someone mulling over the questions for what will most likely be our longest interview ever, so we’ve had the idea for this “filler” blog post in the back of our minds for a while. This blog is just under 2 years old, and this is the 208th post. We have interviewed people involved with many Geocaching products and services in that time. We have noticed that some of those products and services never got off the ground, or no longer exist. Fortunately, we’re not aware of any Geocachers who no longer exist. :-) Above you see a ROVE, a proposed Bluetooth gadget for instant geocaching and trail sharing. We interviewed Jonathan from Sparkyard, Inc. for this blog on April 18th, 2013. ROVE, best we can tell, was never manufactured, and the ROVE website, and Facebook page no longer exist. Their Twitter account is still up, but hasn’t been posted to since April 15th, 2013, three days before that blog post.

cfWe twice interviewed Paul Suggitt in 2013. He is the creator of Cacheface.com (our blog post here), a social network for Geocachers, and later Cacheblogger.com (our blog post here), a microblogging network for Geocachers. Neither of those websites exist any longer. We’re not even sure of the exact date Cacheface.com went dark, but there was only about a week notice posted by Paul on the website. We believe it was in early November, 2014. We had noticed that Cacheblogger.com had been taken down, and you were redirected to Cacheface.com some time before that. In the announcement on the website, Paul had said that the web hosting costs were too excessive with not enough people using the site to justify said costs. We find that our blog has the top spot in a Google search of “Cacheface” in North America, and we do get quite a few click-throughs on those searches. Important Note: You can still find some of the old regulars from Cacheface.com at this Facebook group, created specifically to take the place of Cacheface. However, you must have a Facebook account to see it.

TB-Tour-BusWe’ve interviewed the creators of many successful crowd funding campaigns over our 208 post history, but unfortunately, our first interview with the creator of a campaign which didn’t meet it’s goal was in October 2014 with Steve Weeks, the man behind the music of the fictional band “The Travel Bugs”. Steve was hoping to raise $16,000 to fund his/their second album “Pimp Your Cache”. With about 8% of the goal met, Steve himself cancelled the Kickstarter campaign with a few days left. He said in an update to the project on the campaign page “Given the current numbers for this project, it’s obviously not going to get funded.  I’m going to cancel it (somehow “cancelled” seems better than “unsuccessful”).” Good attitude! He also went on to point out his/their first album is still available on CD or for download from CDBaby.com.

This is by no means a “hall of shame”! Maybe Jonathan and Sparkyard will find a way to get ROVE or another product to market; maybe Paul will create another great website useful to Geocachers that gets higher traffic; maybe Steve will find a way to get that second album recorded and released. We wish them all luck in their future endeavors.

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HikerJamz After-Cache: Episode 30



Hikerjamz After-Cache is an internet radio show on Spreaker. We discuss geocaching stories that you, the listener sends in about your favorite geocaching adventure of the week with your host Hikerjamz & co-host Crazycritter1966 from Florida, USA. Here is the link to send a voice message https://www.speakpipe.com/hikerjamz

Don’t forget to send us some words for our word puzzle! Give yourself and your children something to do on a rainy day. Have a great week, be safe and see you next week!

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Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching!

halfzombieNot for real, of course. Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching is an expansion pack for the Cache Me If You Can Geocaching board game!, made by our old friends from DPH Games. There is a current Kickstarter campaign, which ends on Tuesday, February 3rd at 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, to help finance the release of the 2nd edition of this expansion pack, as well as to offer supporters special promotional items that do not come with the base expansion pack. There are only 11 days left in the campaign as of the date of this post. DPH Games has had great success with their previous Kickstarter campaigns, so we’re hoping any Geocachers seeing this post can help put them over the top on this one.


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TravelFleas™ are now GeoFleaz™


We here at the OCNA blog first noticed on December 30th, 2014, that if you typed www.travelfleas.com into your web browser of choice, that you were redirected to www.geofleaz.com. There we found a new website, with a new name and a new design; all for the same great product, of course. The change was announced on social media (and even via email if you were an existing customer) a couple days later, and we asked Mike and Karen from GeoFleaz™ if we could do a blog post. We agreed that rather than a long drawn-out interview on the re-branding of their product, that we could just copy and paste some of the information on who they are, why they started the business in the first place, and why they changed their name, from a couple different places on their website, and repost it here. After all, we’re both busy!


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