News reports “remember” Geocaching while reporting on Pokémon Go

Screenshot_2016-07-13-19-57-28Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 days, as of the date of this post, you may have heard of a new app for Android and ios named Pokémon Go. Originally released in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand on July 6th, it became available in Germany on July 13th, and is being rolled out in other European Countries as we speak. You may have seen people doing it. Personally, the OCNA blogger, Mr.Yuck, has observed about 40 people playing in those 10 days, most of them in groups, and most of them in their late teens. That doesn’t mean that he, self described as “well over 40” hasn’t tried it too. As a matter of fact, the screen shot you see here (click to enlarge) is his character standing in his house, looking at a Gym and three Pokéstops in a nearby County Park. Expect a review of the game from the perspective of a long time, old school Geocacher who still plugs a handheld GPS into a computer, in the near future. That won’t happen until he reaches level 5 though, which you must do to participate in all aspects of the game. But for now, we thought it was rather interesting how some early news articles “remember” Geocaching, and compare it to the craze over this new Augmented Reality game. One article even suggests going Geocaching instead of playing Pokémon Go. Four articles are outlined below:

3 thoughts to “News reports “remember” Geocaching while reporting on Pokémon Go”

  1. I like to read the news stories about people crashing their cars ( or causing accidents like in TX)
    I just saw one of a local 26 y/o Western New York woman who stole a child’s bicycle to play the game 🙂

  2. Thanks for the links to the news stories. I posted a comment to the Huffington Post article to plug the OpenCaching network (specifically OCNA) and also TerraCaching. The article was good but as usually was groundspeak-focused. The funny part is the statement “or finding cool new places in your hometown on any number of geocaching sites” which is hyperlinked to …Waymarking?

  3. It’s interesting to watch as park managers respond and react to the PG craze. There was a FB post from the Toronto Conservation Authority (iirc) reminding players to stay on the trails and beware of hazards such as poison ivy. And today the Hamilton Conservation Authority posted this to their FB page:
    Getting tired of ‪#‎PokemonGO‬ ? Want to still have fun exploring the trails with your family? Try one of these seven kid- friendly games to stay entertained while spending time in the ‪#‎greatoutdoors‬.

    I visited the link and found Geocaching on their list of 7 “Homemade hiking games”. So of course I put in a plug for the alt cache sites because as usual only the big corporate geocaching site is linked to.

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