Update; 4.5lb Walleye Cache found!!

At 8:30 PM Eastern Standard time on Sunday, June 9th,2013, the above video was posted to the file sharing site wikisend.com by Geocaching.com account name Stormgren-X, featured in the last blog post for embarking on an epic eight day canoe journey to the world’s oldest unfound cache, 4.5lb Walleye. Well, as can be seen in the video, it was found! We at the blog have no issues with posting this video, as it was posted to a file sharing site. I’m sure we’re fine!  However, the official Blogger.com video player leaves a lot to be desired. You can download the video yourself from wikisend, but be advised it was taken with an Apple device, and is an .MOV file. You may not be able to view it on all video players. (Update 6/16/13, Stormgren-X does indeed not have a problem with it being posted here).

SPOT tracking near Ground Zero

The cache was found Saturday morning, June 8th. To the left is their time spent at Ground Zero per the tracking on their SPOT tracking device.  Click to enlarge. It’s pretty obvious the video started at track #35, after the cache was found. Total time on the ground in the area of the cache was 2 hours and 21 minutes, according to the SPOT device. Despite speculation by many of their “watchers” from around the world (including, umm, this blog), they were not able to convey their success or failure finding the cache with the SPOT device; it only had two previously set up custom messages. Basically one for experiencing good weather, and one for experiencing bad weather. We had to wait a day and a half until they arrived at their Hotel in Fort Albany, Ontario.

We will consider this our post for the week here at the Blog. We could use a little break! Finding guest  Bloggers was harder than we figured. If you’d like to write a guest post, please, by all means, contact us!

Sneak preview, we are in possession of a relatively new Geocaching related product, and are currently “testing” it for a scheduled blog post/interview for the middle of next week.

UPDATE 6/16/13: Stormgren-X has responded to this blogger, and will be interviewed on this amazing cache find at a later date!

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