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This post is not being promoted or announced via social media. Some may have noticed in the very first blog post, I threatened to “host the blog on our own server”. That statement isn’t entirely accurate, the blog has actually been redirected to the URL I could post a link, but that would be rather redundant, wouldn’t it? We didn’t do this right away, because I was not the owner of the domain names, and for a few weeks after coming on board as the replacement 3rd admin.

As long as we continue to use Google’s Blogger software (and I’d have to say we’re pretty happy with it so far), the original URL, will always work, and no existing bookmarks need to be updated. Go ahead and try that one; you actually see in your browser. There was a somewhat humorous glitch associated with this redirect though. I created some Address name records, commonly known as “A records” at our web host. One of our other admins noted that suddenly, you needed the “www” in any URL on our website, or you would get an error page. In other words, wouldn’t work, for example. Go ahead and try that too, it works now. Once I was informed, I knew exactly what happened, and this error was fixed within 2 hours at most, and happened in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday.

There is no set schedule for posts to this blog, and that’s a good thing too, who likes deadlines? But we have generally been posting once a week, and usually on Wednesdays. That seems to be working out pretty good. That being said, we may be a little late this week! Thanks for reading, readership has gone up every single week so far, according to the statistics we can see in the Blogger control panel.

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