Monster Coins winner announced!


We have a winner of 300 Monster Coins from MonsterCache! The drawing was at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, June 22nd, and the winner responded in about 24 hours (they’re currently traveling). That would be Tim AKA ATMA, a Monster Cache player from Texas. As always, our contest winners are chosen from the website We did not make a video this time either, although we are going to do that one of these days. Perhaps we’ll enlist the help of Geocaching Vloggers The Geocaching Doc, or The Amber Geocacher for some help in video production. No one wants to see a basic video with Mr.Yuck talking in his nasally voice. 🙂 So we’d like to thank Eric from Monster Cache for the interview, and donating the prize! If you haven’t yet, try Monster cache. Did we mention you can earn badges? All Geoclocation game players love badges! Your blogger currently has 6 of them, and has captured exactly 50 Monsters, and is at level 5. Check it out, we think you’ll like it.

The smartphone game Monster Cache

Above is the promotional video for Monster Cache, a virtual Geocaching game for GPS-enabled iOS and Android devices. It’s a very easy game to game to play! After downloading the free app and creating an account, you’re ready to grab your net, and start catching Monsters. The Monsters are located at millions of randomly generated Waypoints in the Continental United States and Western Europe, and, for all practical purposes, YOU are the net (your current location). You then go to the location of a Monster, position your net over it, and capture it. You can progress through different levels of play, there is a leaderboard, and you can earn badges.

Eric Barr is the creator or Monster Cache and President of Lanitek Software LLC, of Olathe, Kansas. He was nice enough to take the time for one of our question and answer type interviews, and generous enough to give away 300 Monster Coins to a lucky reader of this post. These can be used in the Monster Cache store to buy additional nets, or binoculars (more on those later). Obviously you’ll need a Monster Cache account to claim the prize, and have to reside in the U.S. or Europe. Complete rules and entry form at the bottom of this post. On with the interview!

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