OCNA 5th Anniversary Locationless Event

Birthday-Cake-Clip-ArtPlease join us to celebrate our 5th Anniversary tonight, Tuesday August 18th at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, for what we believe may be the first sanctioned Geocaching event streamed on the website ustream.tv. We are certainly not the first to stream a Geocaching event, that honor goes to The Dirtbag Geocaching Society; but we at OCNA allow this type of event to occur, unlike other Geocaching websites.

You can see the event page here, and it will be hosted on DudleyGrunt’s ustream channel. Note: You will not need a ustream account to participate. And we definitely have at least one recent newsworthy Geocaching topic to discuss; the closure of a similarly named website with which we are not affiliated, that is (was) owned by a major GPS Manufacturer. 🙂

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