An announcement from HikerJamz and CrazyCritter1966

There was no HikerJamz After-Cache show recorded this past weekend. This is because he and CrazyCritter 1966 are working on getting a 2nd podcast set up. Without further adieu, here is a statement from them copied and pasted:

Tina (Crazycritter1966) and I (Hikerjamz) have been putting together another idea to go along with our podcast. We set up a facebook page called Tina Potts (nature talk) as her favorite hobby is photography while geocaching. We are now setting up a podcast of the same theme and planning on running it in the mid-week of our AfterCache show. We will call the geocaching show (PhotoCaching) and the mid-week show will be called (NatureTalk). Both podcast can be heard from and hope we can reach many listeners on the new show as we did on the regular show. A lot of geocachers have some sort of camera with them while they are out caching and this will be a great opportunity to let them share their photography and stories with others. Everyone is welcome to send a friend request, visit or just post on the FaceBook page if they like. We only have a hand full of friends there right now, but plan on big numbers soon! Nature Talk podcast will run like PhotoCaching between 30-45 minutes and possibly on a Wednesday. We hope that everyone who reads this will check out both podcast’s. We will resume our regularly scheduled shows next weekend 4/12/15. Thanks to all who already listen to us and have a great week.

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