HikerJamz After-Cache: Episode 19

[spreaker type=standard width=500px autoplay=false episode_id=5154388]

OCNA Blog notes: CrazyCritter1966 accepts the permanent co-host position! And the OCNA blogger emails in a little Geocaching adventure, which is read early in the show.

Hikerjamz After-Cache is an internet radio show on Spreaker.com. We discuss geocaching stories that you, the listener, send in about your favorite geocaching adventure of the week. Listen in to find out how you can contact us with your favorite stories and finds with your Host: James (Hikerjamz) From Ohio, USA. Here is the link to send a voice message: https://www.speakpipe.com/hikerjamz. sponsored by cacheface.social http://www.cacheface.social.

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