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Business-2828We never made an official announcement, but since mid-July, all the posts to this blog, save one, have been about or related to our August 2014 Diversified Cacher Contest! Not including the guest content of HikerJamz and The Geocaching Doc, of course. Fear not, we are getting back to regular blogging this week, with an interview with the creators of a Kickstarter campaign for a Geocaching related product, with the post probably coinciding with the day of the campaign’s launch. After that, we will be bringing you an interview with an official from a National Wildlife Service Refuge who has worked with OpenCaching North America to allow virtual caching on that refuge.

So check back soon! Or follow us on our social media outlets, where we announce all new blog posts. You can also follow this blog via email by entering your email address in the field on the sidebar, and hitting “subscribe”. We admit we may not adhere to a “once a week” schedule for non guest post content as aggressively as we did before the hiatus, but we are very anxious to get back into regular blogging.

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