First 3 winners announced in the OpenCaching NA Diversified Cacher Contest!

As threatened, we held the preliminary drawing for the first three prizes in our Diversified Cacher Contest on Sunday, September 14th, at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard time. The players assigned the first three numbers drawn were contacted via email, and given 72 hours to select a prize. It took less than 16 hours for all three to respond, and for the three prizes to be selected! The first number selected, 65, was assigned to Mrs.HB31, and she selected one of the Munzee Virtual packages. The 2nd number drawn, 29, belonged to Disney Scout, and she selected our prize with the highest monetary value, a Magellan Explorist GC unit donated by our featured sponsor, The third number drawn was 37, assigned to ShortyKnits, and she selected the $15 gift certificate from the Ontario, Canada based Geocaching vendor Cache at Night. Hey, it just occurred to the blogger as he’s writing this post that we had 3 female winners! Congratulations to the three winners, and thanks so much for responding so quickly.

This means the drawing for the remaining 29 prizes can occur on schedule on Wednesday, September 17th at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We will give further details on that drawing in a blog post tomorrow, and we’ll try to get that up in the afternoon, rather than the evening. We can tell you (and we have in the past), that the remaining prizes will be awarded on a “you get what you get” basis.

clandestine guerrilla video of the actual drawing has appeared on YouTube. It’s only 17 seconds long, and contains no sound, other than a few mouse clicks. This is because a) Mr.Yuck hates the sound of his own voice, especially on video, and b) no one wants to hear him say “uh” or “um” after every other word. This clandestine video is posted below.

2 thoughts to “First 3 winners announced in the OpenCaching NA Diversified Cacher Contest!”

  1. Okay, so the statistician in me wants to know how you’ll draw the rest of the 29 numbers without pulling already selected numbers? For kicks, I went to play at The first number I got? 65! Truly Random? Or just a big coincidence? The world may never know! 🙂 Thanks again for the cool contest.

  2. I just did it, and got 4 this time. Then exited the window, and went back with a different browser, and got 22. Yes, just a coincedence. The details for the remaining prizes will be out tomorrow, but I can tell you we will be using the random integer generator function, such as was used to assign the entries to the players. And the 3 numbers chosen Sunday absolutely could come up again, but will be thrown out if they do.

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