Diversified Cacher Contest scores released

letteredocnalogoWe have finished compiling the scores for the August 2014 Diversified Cacher Contest! We had a total of 24 qualifying players, 22 of them eligible for prizes. If you will remember, players received 1 entry for every 100 points scored in the contest. So those 22 eligible players earned a total of 92 entries. Our top entrant, Disney Scout from Maryland, earned 17 entries. Our next step is to assign those entries numbers 1-92 using the random number generator services offered by Random.org. Those results will be released tomorrow, along with details on the drawing to be held soon. If you want to know what “soon” means, tune in tomorrow evening, Eastern Standard Time. 🙂 Should anyone dispute their scores as listed below, you have until 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, September 14th to do so by contacting us at octeam at opencaching.us. But we don’t anticipate hearing from anyone, every single player, save one, ended up with as many or more points as they claimed on the entry form. Only one player ended up with 25 less points, probably for claiming 25 points in one of the “beat the admin” challenges, and it did not affect their number of entries. Here are the results:

Player Number of points Number of entries
DisneyScout 1785 17
sfcchaz 1010 10
Goin'PostNet 1000 10
HB31 905 9
Borst68 770 7
queensgrantmusic 685 6
shortyknits 525 5
BadWolf197 485 4
Wet_Coaster 415 4
iicydiamonds 265 2
Mrs. HB31 235 2
Nighthawk700 230 2
nikcap 225 2
sundrops260 215 2
Johmer and Tinks 210 2
Termitehunter 210 2
Rayman 180 1
rvstauff 175 1
CCG99 155 1
Anteaus 115 1
LANMonkey 110 1
ithink314 105 1

Note: Just for fun, OCNA Admin DudleyGrunt scored 1,440 points, and the OCNA blogger (and Admin) Mr.Yuck scored a paltry 375 points.

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