Diversified Cacher Contest prizes finalized!

The prizes for our August Diversified Cacher Contest have been finalized!! You may remember we had said some Geocaching retailers were busy during Mega Event season, and hadn’t got back to us on the exact nature of their donations. Everything has now been hammered out! We have 11 Sponsors (12 if you count the OCNA admins collectively as one), and 32 individual prizes, worth over $600. Want to play now, if you’re not? You can view the complete list at https://www.opencaching.us/articles.php?page=divprizes along with banners/logo’s from all our sponsors that link to their websites. Please visit and patronize them, they’ve made this amazing contest possible.

Since one paragraph doesn’t make for much of a blog post, here is the list of 32 prizes below as can be viewed at the link above on our website. Remember, you get one entry for every 100 points you score. The more you play, the better your chances of winning.

  • A Magellan Explorist GC GPS unit from Terracaching.com
  • A Spot II Satellite tracker from OCNA Admin DudleyGrunt
  • A Cache Me If You Can Geocaching board game from DPH Games
  • (3) Premium Memberships from Munzee.com
  • (3) “Virtual Packages” from Munzee.com
  • A $30 gift certificate to the OCNA Swag Store from The OCNA Admins
  • A prize pack valued at over $20 from GxProxy.com
  • A Limited Edition TeamSnook/Space Coast Geocaching Store set of coins (two coins with same tracking code, one to send out and one to keep) from Space Coast Geocaching Store
  • A Sighter Hero T-Shirt from Sighter.com
  • A $15 Gift Certificate from Cache At Night
  • (3) 101 Devil Caches books from Navicache.com
  • (3) Bison tube packages from Drives Cache Closet
  • (2) starter kits consisting of a geo rake, preform opener, Space Coast Geocaching Store sticker and a random container or two from Space Coast Geocaching Store
  • (3) $5 gift certificates from Drives Cache Closet
  • (2) five packs of random pathtags from Space Coast Geocaching Store
  • A $5 Munzee.com gift certificate from OCNA Admin Mr.Yuck
  • 500 Monster coins from MonsterCache.com
  • (3) OCNA Pathtags from The OCNA Admins
  • (2) OCNA Pathtags from The OCNA Admins
  • 250 Monster coins from MonsterCache.com


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