OCNA Admins DudleyGrunt and Mr.Yuck interviewed on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast

OCNA Admins DudleyGrunt (Dave) and Mr.Yuck (Jim) were interviewed by Mark, AKA Benign Source, AKA Banana Source about The Opencaching Network on the Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast, episode 20, released on March 9th, 2014. The interview itself actually happened over two weeks prior; we can only aspire to some day be as far ahead on our interviews as they are! The Oh Beep! podcast is a family friendly Geocaching podcast originating out of Nottingham in The UK, and this weeks show was hosted by Banana Source and his children Cachezilla, and Doctor D. The interview begins right around the 30 minute mark, but we strongly suggest listening to the whole show if you have the time. Seasoned podcast veteran DudleyGrunt does most of the talking, but Mr.Yuck chimes in plenty, and we’re very happy with the interview, and we thank Mark very much for having us on. You can find the Oh Beep Geocaching podcast at www.ohbeep.com, and in the top right hand corner of their website are icons where you can follow them on various social media outlets, and listen to, or subscribe to their podcast from multiple sources.You can listen to this particular episode here in the blog post below:

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