Canada’s new oldest unfound cache now also found!


You may remember that just over a year ago, this blog was very interested in the 8 day canoe trip by Stormgren X and his non-Geocaching partner to find the World’s (and obviously Canada’s) oldest unfound cache. We did 3 blog posts on it, and mentioned it in a fourth. When that cache was found, another cache obviously took it’s place as Canada’s oldest unfound cache. That would be a virtual cache, SK Extreme 01, on an Island in a Lake in remote Northern Saskatchewan. Placed on July 17, 2002, SK Extreme 01 requires you to “find” a  Canadian Topographical Survey benchmark on this unnamed Island in Brabant Lake. On June 19th, a party of 4 cachers (pictured above with usernames) claimed the FTF on this cache! We contacted the first person to log the cache, sasktravelbugs, and he and another member of the party, Scratch1, were happy to collaborate on some questions we sent them.


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