An interview with Geocaching Vlogger The Ginger Geocacher


Our old friend HikerJamz alerted us last week to a relatively new face on the Geocaching scene who might be interested in being interviewed for this blog; Amber, who goes by the handle The Ginger Geocacher. We quickly contacted her, and yes, she was happy to agree to an interview with us. She joined in early January, where her username is thegingergeoacher (all one word). She is also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course has her own YouTube channel. Above, you see embedded what is, at the time of this post, her latest video, “It happens to the best of us Geocaching”, when she went out Geocaching on the Birthday of the hobby (May 3rd). We are also embedding another one of her videos at the bottom of the post. On with the interview!
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