Contribute Blog Content

We here at the OCNA Blog strive to be a general interest Geocaching Blog, about all things Geocaching, which just happens to be run by a free alternative Geocaching website. We are always looking for new ideas and fresh content for this blog, and doing so can occasionally become a chore for a blog with one primary blogger, who has a full time job, a family, is webmaster for an alternative Geocaching website, and believe it or not, occasionally likes to find Geocaches or Cap Munzees.

Do you have a Geocaching related product or service you’d like to promote? We’d love to post your article on it as a guest blog post, such as we did with Tips for Geocaching with a Metal Detector by Daniel Bernzweig from Or perhaps you are regular old Joe or Jane Geocacher, who wants to author an article on their area of expertise in Geocaching, get something off their chest, or do a product review for a Geocaching related product or service. Please, by all means contact us at octeam at, and we’d be happy to discuss it.