About Us

Open Caching Logo V2BFree geocache listings for the United States, Canada, Mexico and other North American territories. We are part of the (mostly European) world wide OpenCaching network, which was founded in 2005. We predated, and were not affiliated with the defunct Garmin Opencaching.com website. The vast majority of our users, including the site Admins, all use and support Geocaching.com, we simply provide a free alternative, on a volunteer basis. We accept, but discourage cross-listed caches, and most of the caches found on our site are unique to our site. Visit us at www.opencaching.us and the Country top level domain names opencaching.ca and opencaching.mx also point to our website, as well as opencachingnorthamerica.com and opencachingnorthamerica.us. Jim, AKA Mr.Yuck on most Geocaching websites, as profiled in the very first blog post of March 13, 2013, is the primary blogger. We also post the content of the HikerJamz After-Cache internet radio show, and The GCDoc YouTube channel as guest blog posts weekly.